About the Institute

Our Shared Vision

What we thrive for

The Shabani Institute is eager to provide the highest quality, empirically supported behavior analytic services.

With evidence-based interventions, we thrive to provide function-based services to ultimately improve the quality of life for our clients and their families. We are committed to providing effective, empirically-validated, individualized behavioral services to individuals, their families, and the communities within which they live. Through the use of scientifically supported, behavior analytic assessment and intervention strategies, the Shabani Institute promotes and improves quality of life in all of its learners, regardless of age or diagnosis.

We focus on the severity of problem behavior, across the life-span, and assist with the development of both short-term and long-term treatment plans to reduce maladaptive behavior, while promoting the acquisition of various functional skills.

The Shabani Institute allows clients of all ages and their families to learn and receive the highest levels of individualized treatment and intervention services. Treatment is developed and tailored to the current needs of the client and their families and can be delivered in various forms including consultation, day-treatment services, school-based support, intensive early intervention, group skill development, and other unique models as needed.

Our Services

Our Story

How it all started

In 2008, Dr. Daniel Shabani founded the Shabani Institute with the objective to ensure that individuals with severe behavior challenges and their families had suitable treatment options. This goal developed following his graduate work at Western Michigan University and subsequent internship at the Marcus Institute in Atlanta, GA where Dr. Shabani further developed his skills with individuals who suffer from severe behavior disorders.

Over the last 9 years at his institute and past 10 years overall, Dr. Shabani has been training groups of clinicians to effectively meet the needs of individuals with severe behavior challenges. Today, our clinic has a team of over thirty employees who work together with various regional centers, health plans, school districts, day programs and group homes.

Meet our Team

Our Core Values

What we stand for


We aim to provide the highest quality of service while maintaining consistent treatment fidelity.


We understand how a collaborative and supportive work environment helps improve the quality of life for our clients and staff.


We are committed to building lasting relationships with vendors, families and other professional agencies to better serve our clients.


We value, reward, encourage, and believe in every person who is a part of our Shabani Institute team.


Quality of treatment is a hallmark of our agency. At the Shabani Institute, continuing education and professional development is continuously ongoing in order to further develop our staff’s insight and knowledge of behavior analysis. This includes weekly individual and group supervision, journal clubs, all-staff trainings,  research opportunities, and participating in state-wide, national, and international behavior analytic conferences.

Personal Accountability

We each understand our individual and collective accountability for delivering outstanding services, acting competently, adhering to our BACB ethical guidelines and codes of conduct, and representing our institute and clients with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.